NOTE: to be able to use a billing for services:

 - 1st you have to have supplies set from setting -> Supplies

 - add rules for the supplies for each store (check this article: LINK)

 Recurrent services adapter 

Services & Recurrent services is for the additional services you do to the items in orders (if you use materials, extra packaging, etc). The difference in ''recurrent services''

is that it bills the client for all the orders done in the end of the month in 1 transaction, not like the ''services'' or ''FLAT rate'' adapters in separate transactions for each order.

To set a recurrent service, go to a billing or create a new one and choose it from the services on the top right.

1. *REQUIRED-  Click the yellow button and choose the options that will show as description of the billing. The comment section is used to leave information for the client, billing, etc.

2.  To set it up, is fairly easy.


- Click on ''+Add a row'';
- Choose ''max quantity'' items you want and set the rate you need to charge it 

(check the image below):