Before start


Step 1:

Create and print a barcode label with "assembly" type. Go to "Menu->Settings->Storage locations barcodes-> type Assembly".

Pic.1 Storage location with a type "assembly".

This barcode you will use to start work on the Packing workstation in Orderadmin. Stick the label on a packing table where you are going to pack orders.

Step 2:

Prepare a desktop, barcode scanner, and label printer. Prepare packing supplies.

Step 3:

Set up your printer.

Label printer often connects automatically. But if it didn't happen use the Printer settings.

This button indicates printer status. Tap on this button and you will get the modal window with the printer settings. Try to connect your printer with the "Try to reconnect" button.

Printer settings details 


Pic.3. Printer settings

Force show a printing modal means 

Auto-close print window means

Time out before close means 

Start Packing

Step 1: 

To start work just scan barcode your assembly location.


Pic.4. Message: Please scan the barcode of your assembly location to start work.

Or enter your barcode manually add * at the end of the barcode number without space.

Pic.5. The barcode field.

Pic.6 The ID of the packing workstation appears Instead of the message after the barcode is scanned.

This button allows scan barcodes with a photo camera. Just tap on it and direct on a barcode, if needed push the button on your device to take a photo.  


The "Reset" button restarts the "Packing workstation". Use it if you want to change the "Assembly" location. 

Step 2: 

Choose the queue. In our case, we choose Packing by Order ID.

Pic.6. Packing queue created in advance in Menu->Workstations-> Packing by Order ID.

Pic.7. Button bar.

If you choose the wrong queue please use the "All queue" button. It will lead you to the list of queues to choose another one.

*For more information about queues, please check this article: LINK.

Step 3:

Orderadmin will show you the address of the distribution bin with the ready to pack items for the order.

Take the item that showed on the desktop screen, scan its barcode, and put it in the box. Then the system will show you all other items of the order.

Pic.8. The bin address and the items of an order for packing.

Step 4:

When the order is ready you will get the label from the printer.

 This label you will use during the measuring of the parcel to receive the shipping label.

Step 5:

Stick the label on the box and scan this label to finish the packing process. If the label isn't printed, you can try print by clicking the "Print" button. 

Pic.9. Please scan the barcode of the packing label.

When all orders are assembled the system will give you the message that assembling is finished.

Pic.10. Message that assembling is finished.

Label RePrint

By the "Packed" button you can see all packed orders and the exact time. Also, you can reprint the label if needed.

Pic.11. The queue with the packed order.