The collection of goods for "Wave" type orders is a process when the terminal itself tells/helps the employee from which shelf which goods should be taken. Accordingly, you must first scan the basket (employee) with which the employee moves to the warehouse. Once you have collected all the goods for the orders, a stationary sorting place is created from the selected wave. Then, from the sorting place, the goods are moved to the sorting places, and in one sorting place, the goods must contain only one order.

1. To start Picking by wave, click on 'Terminal' and choose 'Picking'

2. Now the system will ask you to scan a working (employee) place -> 

3. Choose a wave-type queue that you have created ->

Here, it shows the waves, usually it's 1 /depends on settings/. The newest one would be on the bottom and it says how many tasks /orders/ it has. 

example: 9C - 9 completed / 10N - 10 New

4. Scan the place above or click on it->

5. Scan an item to put it in a basket from that room, row, rack and shelf ->

6. Put item to distribution place. Scan distribution place

7. The stock from the basket (employee place) was moved. Done.

To start over again, scan 'storage place (static place)' nearest to you.